Assessment centre

Assessment is method using the observation of more specialists to candidate. Everyone manages the same structure of recording about the candidate as the other observers.

The point of this method is to know the candidate more from the view of his coming workload and not only from access interview and written materials.

Is enforced for job position where we also expect besides specialisation, ability to deal with people, to manage team of workers, to negotiate, to decide, to co-ordinate. It is determined mainly for the lead and managerial positions, which include social intelligence, interpersonal links and relations.

The result of the common final discussion is to accept integrated opinion about the convenience of candidate for the given position.

The method is funded on model situations prepared by external worker (mostly by psychologist), with co-operation of company specialist. The situations are modeled the way to be noticed criterions and characteristics close to next work practice.

The supervisors are usually external psychologist or the personal manger the next direct superior and the person responsible for the personal area represents company recruiting the new employee.

In the assessment centre activity are registered psychological procedures as controlled interview, questionnaire, projection, efficiency parts etc. They close the general picture of the abilities and potential of candidate. Their important role is to eliminate candidate with improper trait of character, as well as candidate with redundant abilities.

The whole method of assessment is finished by final interview between candidate and psychologist or personal manager.

The assessment method minimizes the selection error and spares time. It takes 4 -8 hours by using this method of candidate selection. The assessment including the evaluation can be finished in the same day. The diagnostics can be processed in the rooms of our agency or the whole run can be organized at the workplace of the coming employer.

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