Individual diagnostic

The basic psychological and personal methods are personal history, controlled interview, contemplation, aimed psychological tests, social model situation, analyses of products, reference from the past jobs etc.

Psychological tests are very discussed spheres in the run of selection process. They have their exponents and opponents. Their main task at first is determination of improper candidates (as from the luck of abilities, so from their excess, improper personal structure, pathology etc.) and selection of the best candidate.

Before the testing itself is always necessary exactly to know the purpose and the aim, according them are determined the resources and the methods of enquiry.

The advantages are objectivity, comparability to population, sparing time, the wide comprehension, the possibility to model situations of social status.

The purpose of standard and aimed diagnostics is to gain as much as possible information about the qualities of each candidate. And through it we monitor and make inquiry the individual parts of personality.

To these parts belongs:

Efficiency part

  • level of intellect and efficiency
  • independence, reliability, exactness and speed
  • ability to learn new information, creative thinking
  • specific ability for the given position

Social part

  • ability to work in team
  • ability to communicate with environment (outgoing communication)
  • assumption for individual work
  • specific abilities for given position
  • solving of conflict situations
  • behaviour in stress

Motivation part

  • value motivation
  • interests
  • expected financial valuation

The part of psychological diagnostics is personal controlled interview between psychologist and candidate too.

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