Public relations

Public Relations is understood as own managerial function, its task is creating and keeping of communication channels, straining after relations of trust and understanding between the firm and adequate part of public inner and outdoor.

Public Relations are in our meaning especially about ideas, attitudes, values. This is category of the picture of the firm at the public meaning.

We can look at the Public Relations as a tool of continual and systematic adjusting of the company interests with the inner and outdoor public interests. Its helps company to run successfully at still changing conditions.

One of the iron rules says, that Public relations begin at home. The truth is that the care about the inner Public relations addressed to own employees and their nearest environment is especially in the starting phase of setting strategy and tactics basically important.
Setting importance for inner Public relations reflect needs of employees to have access to information, create the feeling of firm belonging, forms common images, values and attitudes as the resources for the company activities, reach up the goals and creation of the required firm culture. Every responsible manager knows that the own staff is the most important targeted group of Public relations for the firm.

Resources of the firm Public relations

Corporate identity (CI) - philosophy or perhaps more suitable company politics. It reaches all inner and outer company qualities. To the main inner goals belongs identification of employees with the company and creating the feeling of the inner closure.
To the main external goals belongs then the whole company profile at the market, at the public, so the company profile in general.

Corporate design (CD) - the visual way the company introduces itself at public.

Corporate culture (CC) - company culture - the resume of material and nonmaterial values, which the company in its life manages.
It goes about the common shared imaginations, approaches, goals, values, preferences. The corporate culture has got the long and strong persistence.

Corporate communication (CCom) - includes all corporate outside and inside communication activities.

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